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Whether you’re new to dirt bike riding or looking to improve on your current skills, you’ve come to the right place! RIDE BETTER offers the perfect opportunity to riders who wants to start learning how to ride a dirt bike, even when the student’s goal is to ride a street motorcycle. Motorcycle training experts agree that dirt bike riding is the best way to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Dirt bikes are smaller, lighter, easy to control and it’s also great for improving motorcycle skills of any rider.  With our exciting classes the rider will learn basic techniques for safely riding off-road motorcycles. So, if you are keen to make some new rider friends, have fun, learn beginner to intermediate off road riding skills why not give us a call and let’s take your riding to the next level!

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who we are

RIDE BETTER was created by Kim Venter who had the desire to share her passion for riding motorcycles with other riders. Her expert knowledge of how to ride comes from years of experience successfully riding and racing motocross and enduro.  ‘’Growing up I always had a motorcycle -thanks to my dad- that’s where the love and passion started. Nothing beats the feeling of being on your bike.’’ Kim has competed successfully in motocross and enduro competition such as Impi hard enduro, EWXC series, Man and Machine, GXCC off road racing and can teach & demonstrate most motorcycle riding techniques.



RIDE BETTER offers 4 different exciting classes to choose from. So, whatever you’re looking for, from beginners who would like to start out OR if you would like to improve on your current skills, we have a riding option for you. Group and one-on-one options available. 

Level 1

Just getting started

Level 2

Basics builder

Level 3

Advanced Basics

Level 4

Skilled Rider

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